Trump’s election brings significant uncertainty to the renewables industry; more clarity regarding the outlook will be derived from his appointments to energy-related federal departments. The president-elect has indicated that it is likely that both the Clean Power Plan and the Paris Agreement will be revoked, however the fate of the investment and production tax credits are not so clear. FTI Intelligence believes these will remain in place for their current duration, with the longer-term future of wind and solar secured by falling costs.

In this Spark – Energy Insight Renewables, Trumped: Implications for the U.S. Energy Sector, FTI Intelligence evaluates the composition of key advisory and regulatory posts, stated positions on key legislative acts (such as the CPP and the Paris Agreement) and the ability (or not) to change certain energy-related tax credits. FTI Intelligence also seeks to frame our view of the future of renewables as adjacent to, but increasingly independent of, government incentives, thanks largely to their improving fundamental economics as businesses.

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