Danish manufacturer Vestas held the title as the world’s largest supplier of wind turbines in 2017, according to preliminary findings from FTI Intelligence. The preliminary figures also show that the top five turbine OEMs, Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Goldwind, GE and Enercon, dominated new wind installations in 2017, accounting for 62 percent of all installations, almost 10 percentage points higher than the previous year. The uplift is a clear indication that the recent M&A activity has helped western turbine suppliers enhance their strategic positioning and consolidate their market share.

In this Spark – Energy Insight A New Competitive Landscape Is Taking Shape: Bigger, Better and Stronger, FTI Intelligence examines the preliminary results of the evolution of the global wind market in 2017, addresses the key market and technology trends and presents the near-term outlook for wind turbine OEMs’ competitive landscape. The final results will be released in FTI Intelligence’s Global Wind Market Update  –  Demand & Supply 2017, which will be available free of charge on the website in April 2018.

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