The Global Wind Market Update – H2 2017 Briefing updates FTI Intelligence’s Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2016 report, which was released in March 2017. Throughout the briefing, FTI Intelligence compares its previous forecasts (through 2026) from the report against the new and current forecasts to highlight the changes made.

At this time, FTI Intelligence is less optimistic on the outlook for the industry in the short-term (2017-2021) than we were in Q1 2017. Estimated new wind power installations have dropped over the short term to 287 GW (a 1.5% decrease compared with Q1 projections) mostly due to the near-term challenge in China, India, Germany, France, Poland and Turkey. However, over the medium term (2022-2026), the forecast has been increased by 3.4% to 338 GW.

Similar to last year, this briefing includes a review of firm wind turbine orders publicly disclosed in H1 2017 and an overview of key M&A that have taken place in the wind industry in the past three quarters.

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