According to the supply side data collected, 26,277 wind turbines were installed globally in 2016 with a combined capacity of 56,754 MW. The 26,277 wind turbines were produced by 49 wind turbine manufacturers in 2016, 22 of which are from China.

Danish supplier Vestas increased its global market share in 2016 more than any other company, followed by American supplier GE. While Chinese suppliers hold eight of the top 15 spots in FTI Intelligence’s top wind turbine OEM ranking, they all lost market share in 2016 primarily due to a 24% drop in China’s wind power installations. Siemens maintained the market leadership position in the offshore wind sector in 2016, followed by Chinese Supplier Sewind. Without taking into account offshore wind turbine installation, Siemens placed 10th. However, the expected merger between Siemens and Gamesa will make a global giant in the wind market. According to FTI Intelligence’s supply side analysis, the combined entity accounted for 13.1% of global wind turbine installation in 2016, making it the largest turbine manufacturer after Vestas.

Key findings of Supply Side Analysis 2016

  • Top 15 wind turbine suppliers ranking
  • Detailed rankings for turbine OEMs by region
  • Detailed rankings for turbine OEMs in onshore wind
  • Detailed rankings for turbine OEMs in offshore wind
  • Top 10 wind turbine models by number delivered in 2016
  • Top selling model for the top 15 wind turbine OEMs
  • Evaluations of technology segmentation
  • Global market share by turbine technology

The Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2016 report has been released in two parts starting with Supply Side Analysis followed by Demand Side Analysis.

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