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The dominance of power generation companies as the key players in wind farm ownership has grown in the past 10 years, especially as wind has become an increasingly affordable and reliable energy source where governments have stepped up policies and mandates in support of the transition to clean energy. By the end of 2015, 30 percent of total global wind power capacity is owned by the top 15 wind farm owner-operators, of which 13 are established energy utilities.

The growth of wind power and its demand for capital investment has coincided with new constraints on utility balance sheets. To free the wind sector’s fortunes from reliance on the financial strength of the utility sector, new sources of funding are needed and emerging. As understanding of the long-term and stable returns offered by wind power has grown, so has the pool of funding sources. Over the past five years, the wind sector has seen increased interest from institutional investors, including pension funds and insurance companies, infrastructure investors, private-equity companies and most recently, large corporate enterprises. In addition, innovative financing structures, including the rise of yieldcos, have also been rapidly developing in answer to utility balance sheet constraints.

Key findings of Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2015

  • Latest ranking of wind turbine OEMs by sales.
  • Detailed listing of wind farm owner-operators and trends in ownership.
  • Forecasts for the wind market from 2016 through 2025 including tailor-made country profiles for established and emerging markets.
  • Evaluations of technology segmentation and technology trends.

The Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2015 is being released in four parts which include the Supply Side Analysis 2015, followed by Demand Side Analysis 2015, Technology Overview and Project Owner-Operators.

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