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In 2015, 30,996 new wind turbines were installed globally, of which China accounted for 53.9 percent. The upward trend in wind turbine size continued with the average rated capacity of new turbines installed in 2015 recorded at 2,031 kW. New wind turbines in Europe tended to be bigger than those installed in other parts of the world. The two European wind pioneers, Germany and Denmark, have the highest average turbine size, and Germany is the first to pass the 3.0 MW threshold.

Conventional wind turbines continue to dominate the global wind market with a market share of 75.1 percent in 2015. The market share of direct drive technology dropped by 2.1 percent, chiefly due to a setback in installations by top EESG direct drive turbine manufacturers, Enercon and Wind World India. The newest technologies – hybrid drive and hydraulic drive – have yet to make a notable impact. Technological advances continue to help wind play a pivotal role in electricity production. Thanks to this technical innovation, the cost of electricity from onshore wind has dropped by 25 percent since 2008. The wind industry is also confident that following the same learning curve, the kWh cost for both onshore and offshore wind will continue to fall. A number of technology trends have been apparent in the global wind market over the past two years, including platform-based turbine development and investing in micro-siting optimization and digital siting tools to boost energy generation.

Key findings of Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2015

  • Detailed rankings for turbine OEMs.
  • Detailed wind farm owner-operators and trends of wind project ownership.
  • Forecasts for the wind market from 2016 through 2025 including tailor-made country profiles for established and emerging markets.
  • Evaluations of technology segmentation and technology trends.

The Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2015 is being released in four parts which include the Supply Side Analysis 2015, followed by Demand Side Analysis 2015, Technology Overview and Project Owner-Operators.

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