How do I contact FTI Intelligence?
200 Aldersgate, Aldersgate Street
London, EC1A 4HD
United Kingdom
P: +44 7717846696
VAT ID: 815057542
Registration # OC372614
Email: fti-intelligence@fticonsulting.com

Modifications to our Policies
We reserve the right to modify our policies, at any time, without notice. Local laws and business practices are evolving all the time, and as such we may need to adapt our policies to reflect market and legal changing conditions. Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

What are the terms of my license?
FTI Intelligence reports and research products may be used for private and internal business purposes only. If you wish to re-publish or obtain wider usage rights in such content, please contact us as you must obtain prior written permission from us (and/or from our third-party partners) before doing so. All such content is otherwise deemed to be Content under the FTI Terms & Conditions which shall apply to its use. Corporate subscribers must ensure that their individual users have read and comply with those Terms.

How can I download FTI Intelligence research products?
Once you have registered and/or logged into your account, you can download available research or reports using the Free Research or Free Spark – Energy Insights pages on the website. FTI Intelligence does offer “Other Research” for an additional cost. To enquire about paid-for research, please submit a request, and FTI Intelligence will respond with a price quote to the extent such offerings are available for purchase.

Please note: Your company’s VAT or Tax ID is required at the time of invoicing.

Can I purchase a hard copy of a report?
Some research may be available in hard copy format and can be purchased at an additional cost on a case-by-case basis. The price is at the discretion of FTI Intelligence. All hard copy orders must be paid for in advance of FTI Intelligence printing the hard copy. To request a hard copy, please contact us at fti-intelligence.com and indicate which report and the number of copies you wish to order. Please allow four (4) business days for FTI Intelligence to respond with pricing and approval of your request.

If I previously purchased a basic or corporate subscription package, can I obtain access to content I previously purchased?
FTI Intelligence previously offered two (2) subscription packages, which gave users access to specific research. For those needing access to previously purchased subscription content, please contact us at fti-intelligence@fticonsulting.com.

Questions, Comments or Complaints
We are interested in hearing from you. Please email us at fti-intelligence@fticonsulting.com.